Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 500ccRoyal Enfield Bullet Classic 500 ccRoyal Enfield Bullet CLassic 500ccComing right out of early 1900s this motorcycle has survived the test of time. Not much has changed in the bike since long specially its looks and styling. Infact its vintage look and styling is what attract most motorcycle enthusiasts. The people with a taste for the classic and vintage looks love this bike.

Long back Motorcycle producer Royal Enfield set up shop in India, in 1950s, It was an instant hit with the Indian Armed Forces as they bought the 500cc Bullet in big numbers. Towards the end of the twentith century the Japanese motorcycles drove manufacturers like Enfield and Norton ran for cover worldwide. However, Indian plant was saved by its Indian partner and continued to build the classic Motorcycles and remained first choice for Defence forces, Police and rich farmers.

The Royal Enfield are a quiet over priced though and the company can sell a lot more bikes if they reduse the prices by 20%. Also the model which they launch in international market are not available in India which happens to be motorcyles biggest market. They should launch the model currently selling in international markets in India to boost the sales of the bike and to attract and tempt Indian bikers to buy the real classic. 

In India, Enfield motorcycles are associated with machoism. It rekindles the sprit of vintage motorcycling. Royal Enfields of 21st century come with a electric start whereas kick starting was once considered a sign of machoism. We Indians rate this bike in league of the Legendry Harley Davidson, Indian, Triumph Rocket III, Honda Goldwing, Kawasaki Vulcan. Long live the true legend of Motorcycling!