barbeque nation It’s always a million dollar question as which restaurant to visit while you are travelling. I was in Chandigarh for a business meeting and my wife and kids accompanied me to make it a business cum pleasure trip. I finished my work by noon. We thought of eating something before going for some shopping. We started towards a very famous restaurant BARBEQUE NATION. It’s a chain of restaurants spread across the country and considered to be one of the best restaurants for grilled food.  As we have a barbeque and a tandoor at home we are all fond of eating tandoori and barbequed food not only because it’s very tasty but because it’s low on fat.

It was a nice first impression as it had a nice ambiance. We sank in nicely crafted and comfortable chairs. They have a fixed menu which includes a live barbeque on the table and buffet which include both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes with complimentary pint of beer or mock tails, followed by the main course buffet, which includes soups, salads, 4-5 vegetarian and 4-5 non-vegetarian dishes and both Indian and continental sweet dishes.

They place a live barbeque on the table with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian seekhs which are around 80-90% cooked and rest is left for the customers to do on the table. It is fun for kids and they enjoy it. I find it perfectly safe for kids but it’s always wise to supervised them when they are near something so hot.  There was a good system for the ventilation of the smoke coming out of the barbeque.  The barbeque itself is quite filling and in fact, I think that after finishing our barbeque we are hardly left with any space in our stomach to move to the buffet. The buffet is fantastic and it tastes just great. The authenticity of each recipe is nicely maintained by the chefs over there .


And last but not the least, all this is very competitively priced. It’s just around Rs. 275 + taxes for a 5 seekh barbeque (three vegetarian and 2 non-vegetarian) and around Rs. 450 + taxes for 10 seekh barbeque. Overall, Barbeque Nation is one fantastic experience that can be repeated many times over.