Royal Enfield offers plenty of add on kits to make it look even better. Here are some for you which I have managed to list. I am sure you will like it.

Twin Seats

To give a period look to your Royal Enfield Bullet you can install spring coiled split seats on rider and pillion seat assembly. You can find these at any Royal Enfield dealers and authorized service points. This accessory is a retro fit only for the new-model Bullet Machismo.

Disc Brakes

Royal Enfield Bullet has now come up with a very affordable and effective disc brake system. This is available with all authorized dealers and service points and can be easily fitted onto your bullet. They offer two types of disc brake kits, one is with a short hose with standard handlebars and other with a longer hose for the Lightning 535cc and models with longer handlebars. But these disc brakes are not retro fit on a few models like Thunderbird, the 2004 Bullet Electra and Bullet Machismo (five-speed). These bikes will need a new fork end to fit this Disc brake kit.

This will facilitate abrupt halt even while cruising at high speed. Resistance to water flooding to a great extent, self adjustment of slack, improved performance in muddy condition and the most important it can easily be incorporated with ABS.


Royal Enfield has come up with a special polycarbonate windshield with UV protection which provides great weathering properties. Apart from great impact resistance, it saves the rider from that scorching Indian heat and mellow down the sun glare to a tolerable level. It provides a great feel in long distance drive. It’s available with all the authorized dealers and service centers of Royal Enfield Bullet

Motorcycle Cover

Keeping your Royal Enfield Bullet spic and span is a must to enjoy its beauty for a long time. Royal Enfield’s synthetic silver-coated, plastic-coated, water resistant, logo-emblazoned motorcycle cover is one way to do it. It’s easily washable and protects your Bullet from heat and water and reduces staining.

Saddle Bags

I will say this is something we all have always wanted. Royal Enfield offers hand crafted leather bags of the finest quality, exclusively designed for rugged Indian terrains. The buckles and fittings are made of solid brass to give it a rugged, natural look. It provides sufficient luggage compartment to match your requirements while traveling long distance. It comes with a Royal Enfield logo as well to make it complete. You can find these at any Royal Enfield dealers and authorized Service Points