Chevorlet Cruze

chevrolet_cruzeThe most ambitions car projects of Chevrolet in recent years, CRUZE is launched and trust me it’s worth every penny you spend in owning it. It’s going to be the car that is not only going to revive GM but also will influence many new products to come. GM has announced that Cruze will not replace Cobalt. In that case it’s sure that Cobalt may get some changes in its engine and design as well and will continue to sell.chevrolet-cruze-paris-25

Cruze will be launched in the US by 2011 and will sport different powertrain than the European model. Cruze is blisteringly fast and GM is claiming a fuel economy of 40 mpg which is great. In petrol it is available in two variants 1.6 liter and 1.8 litre engines with a bhp of 112 and 140 respectively. Both the variants are 16 valves with VVT (variable valve timing). Apart from this there is turbo diesel variant with 2.0 litres engine is available. It churns out a whooping 150 bhps and is blisteringly fast as well as fuel efficient. Buyers can chose between a 5 speed manual and six speed automatic transmission.

2011_chevrolet_cruze_paris_images_2The interiors are spacious and full of luxury. The cockpit design is inspired from Chevrolet Corvette sports car. Its large head lamps are stunningly beautiful and two tire front grill is elegant. Its concave shoulder line with wheels protruding out of the body further enhances its looks.

It has a cruise control and an emergency exit behind the rear seat. Engine is connected by LAN Bus -500 kbps microprocessor chipset for better performance and fast safety actions. There is keyless entry and start with remote control. Engine can be started or stopped without key by pressing a button on the left side of the steering wheel. Overall it’s a great package and you must consider if you are planning to buy a car in the same segment as Cruze is.


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