Yamaha V-Max 2009

V-Max 2009This reminds me of the movie Mad Max when bikers are tough, quick and fear nothing under the sun. I think the future is going to be the same with Yamaha V-Max speeding at night, evading traffic lights, getting crazy and bad on roads.
It is light and it is very agile. The compact new V4 engine, the signature massive air intakes like that of a fighter jet, the enormous 200-section back tyre and the gorgeous aluminium casing of the V-Max is simply out of this world. This motor bike is right from the future, at the same time a conventional cruiser. It’s impossible not to get trapped in all the Mad Max metaphors when you first dig vision on this monstrous motorcycle.

As compared to V-Max of 2008 which had additional butterflies opening in the carbs at 5700rpm, doubling-up the air/fuel combination to each cylinder and giving the bike a turbo-like powerband which and at a curl of the throttle releases bike’s 200PS at one go, the 2009 model uses Yamaha (CCT) Chip Controlled Throttle and (CCI) Chip Controlled Intake.

2009_Yamaha_V-Max_rearFront 52 mm forks are fully adjustable and inspire confidence in the rider. Steering is light and comparatively nippy to respond. With ABS, 320 mm discs with six-piston radial callipers at front and 298 mm disc single pot calliper at the rear wheel, it’s a child’s play to bring this 315kgs monster to a halt. The wider seating and perfect positioning of foot-pegs are good for both short and tall riders.

LCD display on the tank is awesome and sets apart V-Max from a sports bike while linking it to a cruiser. LCD display shows throttle position, fuel level, intake air temperature and gear.

Yamaha has targeted this bike at true Motorcycle enthusiasts and those who want to flaunt their high profile status. It carries a price tag which is not for ordinary people. V-Max is pricey but so elegantly engineered and so dynamic a performer that it’s truly a cut above its closest competitors like the Triumph Rocket III and Harley Davidson V-ROD Muscle.


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