Triumph Thunderbird

Great road presence and more masculinity than any other cruiser I have ever seen, Triumph THUNDERBIRD is indeed living up to its name, THUNDERBIRD. Voted Cruiser of the Year’ by top US magazine Cycle World, it had established Triumph supremacy in motorcycle manufacturing once again across the globe. With graceful handling and immaculate engineering it’s probably one of the finest cruisers mass produced and has established Triumph in the league of Top cruiser motorcycle producing companies.

An all new parallel-twin 1600cc mill that churns out an impressive 85 horses of pure power coupled with great fuel economy. It’s blisteringly quick and had an impressive 146Nm torque at very low revs. Triumph also offers a 1700cc big bore dealer fit kit to enhance its power to 100 horses and a torque of 165 Nm to take the performance and power of this mighty cruiser to the next level.

Its Triumphs first belt drive since 1922 which effectively transform all the torque into unadulterated power. Gear shifts are ultra smooth, especially the sixth one which will make you feel like a God on the road when you will float smoothly with those divine cruiser thumps.

Braking response is quick and brings the cruiser to a halt with an absolute smooth in no time. For those who want to be more in control an option of ABS is also available. Super supple suspension provides that much needed comfort on the highways when you are together with nature and don’t want to be disturbed.

Beautiful and informative chrome instrument fitted on fuel tank provide all the needed information to the rider. The tank has a Thunderbird logo, large speedometer, integrated tachometer, two trip meters and fuel gauge. It has the lowest seating position in its class (just 700mm off the ground). Available in the UK at £10,199 OTR standard and £10,799 OTR for ABS version, and you need to shell out additional £295 for twin color option.

My Sincere Thanks To Triumph for Pictures


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