Cook It Up with Italian Wine

The list of foods you can possibly cook with wine is endless. You cannot even begin to imagine what different type of recipes can blossom out of a bottle of wine and what dishes you can whip out using Italian wines. If a glass of wine in your hand can spin great magic, just think what it is capable of doing when used in your cuisine. Adding the best Italian wine to your recipes can work wonders and have your family and friends swearing by your food. They will relish your recipes and cherish the taste forever. It’s not called the drinks of the Gods for nothing


Food cooked in wine has no alcohol content as it evaporates while cooking as alcohol has a very low boiling point compared to water and you get rid of almost all of the alcohol before your dish is cooked. What remains is thick syrup which gives real flavor of the wine to the dish. That’s one of the reasons it is suited for all type of people even for children and for those who avoid any alcohol intake.

In many countries, people use their favorite Italian wines to flavor their dishes to give them a distinct and unique flavor. It’s very important to choose the wine wisely as the taste of the food cooked would reflect the taste of that particular wine. Food cooked in red Italian wine will have a different taste than the one cooked in white. Each wine has its own flavor and aroma. Italian wine comes from 20 different regions in Italy and the taste varies from region to region.

It’s always recommended to cook in real Italian wine to savor the real taste of wine cooked food. Never even think of substituting it with any other wine available in the market. Low quality wines are high in sodium content as compared to Italian wines. Always keep in mind that quality wines are not always the costly ones. Protect your wine from heat as any exposure to heat will result in evaporation of alcohol and the taste will be lost.

It is said that anything worth doing is worth doing well. As Italians have given the best red and white wines to the world for hundreds of years, this belief has been taken to ultimate level, which would be difficult for anyone else to achieve.


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