MP3 Hybrid 300ie from Piaggio: The Next Generation of Scooters

MP3 Hybrid 300ie

MP3 Hybrid 300ie

A few years back I wrote about the Piaggio MP3 scooter ( and I was flooded with the question about its India launch. Well I still have no answer for this question as company has no plans of launching this beauty in India though they have showcased it in the Auto Expo 2012 New Delhi (I am including the pictures).

MP3 Hybrid 300ie

MP3 Hybrid 300ie

Nevertheless, I have heard a lot about its hybrid version of this scooter in 124cc and now 300cc but got a chance to have a closer look at this beauty Auto Expo 2012 in New Delhi. The scooter is a true show stopper indeed. The styling and designing is captivating and it’s hard to take your eyes off. You can’t stop wondering about its twin front tyres and I kept trying to figure out the way the tyres have been fitted on the scooter.

MP3 Hybrid 300ie

MP3 Hybrid 300ie

The scooter first came as a 124cc as world’s first hybrid scooter and now the company has come up with a more advanced, powerful, fuel efficient and bigger displacement version the MP3 Hybrid 300ie. It houses a bigger 278cc power plant generates a peak Hybrid powertrain power of 18.2 kW (25 HP) at 7500 rpm and Hybrid powertrain torque – 27.5 Nm (2.8 kgm) at 3,500 rpm. The Hybrid power trains allow the scooter a faster acceleration that can be compared to a 400cc scooter as per the company’s claim.

MP3 Hybrid 300ie

MP3 Hybrid 300ie

The electric motor of the MP3 Hybrid 300ie is powered by lithium ion batteries that are planted neatly under the seat and can be charged through a power cable by simply plugging it into a standard electrical power socket. 85% battery can be charged in just 2 hours and complete battery in around 3 hours. Scooter allows you the liberty of running it exclusively on electric power for a few kilometers though and the batteries can also be charged through the petrol engine of the scooter.
MP3 Hybrid 300ie

MP3 Hybrid 300ie

MP3 Hybrid 300ie offers two drive modes for electric motor and two for hybrid. The rider can easily switch from the hybrid motor to electric and from electric to hybrid by using the button given on the dashboard. The beauty is the reverse gear given in the scooter that is controlled by the electric motor. MP3 Hybrid 300ie comes with quadrilateral front suspension layout that allows the MP3 to tilt into corners with an ease. You don’t have to put your feet down to park the scooter as it comes with electronic front suspension lock system.

MP3 Hybrid 300ie

MP3 Hybrid 300ie

I have just touched a fraction of the features it offers and I really wish this scooter come to India sooner than we think or maybe as a surprise in coming few months. The question will be how much this will be priced in India as this is product that is selling on premium prices in the European markets.

MP3 Hybrid 300ie

MP3 Hybrid 300ie

Piaggio Mp3 Hybrid 300ie: Technical Specifications

Displacement:            278cc Automatic Transmission

Power:                        25 bhp @ 7500 rpm engine,

3.5 bhp electric motor

Torque:                       20.3 lb.-ft. @ 3000 rpm engine, 11 lb.-ft. electric motor

Frame:                                   Tubular-steel double-cradle

Front suspension:      Articulated quadrilateral with four aluminum arms

Rear suspension:       Twin shocks with adjustable spring preload

Front brake:              Dual two-piston calipers, 240mm discs

Rear brake:               Single-piston caliper, 240mm disc

Front tire:                  120/70-12 Michelin Gold Standard

Rear tire:                   140/60-14 Michelin Gold Standard

Seat height:               30.7 in.

Wheelbase:               58.7 in.

Fuel capacity:            3.1 gal.

Batteries:                   Lithium ion


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